Built from the Ground
up for Real Estate

Operating on the best cloud
in the world

Built from the Ground up for Real Estate

Operating on the best cloud in the world

Easy to Use & Manage

Spend less time wrestling website back-ends. Built from the ground-up to cater to real estate since Version 1, our system is tailored for you.

Elegant & Clean Design

Simple design makes browsing easy for your leads. Research shows our minimalist designs get more engagement than text-heavy pages of the past.

Always Responsive for Mobile

We made mobile responsiveness a default feature in 2013 – before any of our competitors made it so. Staying ahead paid off, as over 1/3 of traffic on real estate websites are mobile now.

Lead Generation & CRM Integration Made Easy

Our Brixwork Software integrates seamlessly into your preferred CRM

Easy Forms That Perform

Enticing, short, and accessible lead forms that take no time to fill without barriers or login requirements work better, proven by research.

Plenty of CRM Integrations

Enhance your lead management workflow and save time! Mailchimp, Follow Up Boss are a few of the CRM integrations we offer.

Facebook Business Chat

Over 1 billion messages are sent between customers and Facebook Pages each month. Installation on our real estate websites is a breeze.

What we do to get our clients more leads:

  • Mandatory email forms on all listing pages (the best performers)

  • Available upgrades to enhance the form visually, or move the location

  • Customized call-to-actions that can differ from section-to-section for more interest

  • Enterprise-grade email dispatch system for the best deliverability

  • Integration to most major CRMs made easy to save you time

  • Optional Mailchimp list sign-up offering better value than just MLS® listings

What we don’t do for better performance:

  • Forced registration or withholding information – studies show that people move away from websites that create bottlenecks to obtain what they deem as public information. This seemingly clever lead-gen mechanism is more likely to drive people away.

  • Require too much info with too many fields to fill – research shows that forms with fewer items to fill out get more action. “When do you aim to buy?” or “When did you last renovate?” are more likely to deter users from filling out the form right away.


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We've been helping realtors for over 10 years. That's over 10 years of time spent developing, creating, and honing the Brixwork System

Real Estate Specific
For More Than A Decade


We’ve been helping Realtors® since 2005. Our back-end was designed for, and evolved with, the real estate industry.

Unlimited Listings & Photos

We grow with you. Unlimited listings & unlimited (high-res) photos does not limit you – it pushes you forward.

Location, Location & Location

Directly embedded Google Maps & Street View, with optional Walk Score®, is a perfect online marketing tool for real estate.

Youtube & Virtual Tours

Give your buyers a realistic tour with our embedded YouTube 4K home tours & virtual tour from various vendors. Embedded videos improve your Google ranking!

Floorplans & Feature Sheets

Easily upload & feature your own floor plans and feature sheet PDFs for your listings – go far beyond what your MLS® offers!

Full Control Over Listings

Pick & order your own featured & sold listings with ease, and label them with custom remarks (“Subjects Pending”, “Open House” etc.) any time!

Pre-Defined Listing Pages

Define your niche, ranking higher on Google with our pre-set listing pages that target any neighbourhood, property type & price ranges.

Rental Listings Module

Property management is easy with rental-specific displays such as pet/furnished/term/move-in dates, available on our optional Rental Module.

Buildings & Presale Modules

Farming & marketing developments, new or old, has never been easier. Showcase listings, photos, videos, features, and rank well on Google Search with Brixwork!

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MLS® Reciprocity (IDX)

Native MLS® listing display is reliable & easy, and fully integrated into your website & brand. Many MLS® or CREA DDF integrations are available.

Full List

Google Maps MLS® Search

Map-based search made simple & easy, and natively integrated into your website (not a plug-in).

Multi Agent Module

Brokerages with hundreds of agents to boutique teams, we got you covered. Agent rosters & dedicated listings are easy with auto-convert from MLS®.

Facebook Chat Widget

Connecting easily and directly with your customers through your website is made easy with the Facebook chat widget integration.

Instagram Widget

Increase user engagement and interaction on your website by easily displaying your latest Instagram posts directly on your site with the Instagram widget integration.

Built-in QR code generator

Quickly and efficiently bring clients directly to your website by generating QR-codes of your listings. Attach the QR-codes to any print media & clients can easily find you online.

Relax. We are on the most trusted cloud servers. The speed & power of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) bring out the best of our real estate platform, with great security & backup systems.

Our Tech Stack
Is beyond Great

Amazon Web Services EC2 LogoAmazon Web Services Cloudfront Logo

Our Tech Stack Is Beyond Great

Relax. We are on the most trusted cloud servers. The speed & power of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) bring out the best of our real estate platform, with great security & backup systems.

Amazon Web Services Cloud

Our website software & media storage is fully on the Amazon Cloud for better speed, security & reliability. Experience great performance with the best engine!

Ultra-Fast Media Load

Our photos & PDFs are distributed through AWS Cloudfront for lightening-fast global speeds, while videos leverage Youtube & Vimeo for the best performance.

Silicon Valley Email Grid

Our email forms are secured against spam by Google reCAPTCHA, and dispatched through SendGrid (email cloud provider for Uber, Netflix etc.).

Having an amazing website isn't enough to get you to the front page of Google Search; that's why we offer dedicated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services



Having an amazing website isn’t enough to get you to the front page of Google Search; that’s why we offer dedicated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services

Play Well, Share Well For More Traffic

Sharing listings on Facebook has never looked better! Our engine intelligently selects the key photo for MLS® results, while you get control over your own!

Meta Title & Descriptions for SEO & Social

Enjoy full control of all the meta titles & descriptions (for Google and Facebook) on all your listings & buildings, as well as general pages and on your WordPress blog posts (optional).

Engineered for Better Keyword Performance

Many of our clients experience significant traffic increase after launching with Brixwork, thanks to the great URL structures, keyword-rich filenames for images, Amazon cloud speeds and more!

Built To Be Found & Favoured By Google

Mobile-responsive, modern file architecture, and fast cloud hosting all attribute to better Google rankings. With our dedicated SEO programs, we can optimize even further than our powerful setups.

Keyword-Driven MLS® Search Result URLs

Every MLS® search result forms a new & unique stand-alone page for Google to pick up the moment it is shared through social media or published anywhere. These deep-link URLs have a massive impact on ranking!

Google Analytics

Gain valuable insight into your website visitors, their behaviours, and the source of traffic to your site by integrating Google Analytics tracking code to your Brixwork site. 


True WordPress Blog Integrated (Optional)

The best blogging software in the world can be seamlessly installed on your Brixwork site so you can share news, new listings & more with your customers while boosting your Google ranking!

Embedded View Counts

See where your views are coming from on your listings page with the embedded view counts via Google Analytics. Look out for the embedded view counts coming in 2021!

For those who are too busy to bother with the self-serve SEO tools built into our website, we offer dedicated & managed SEO services.

Our SEO Services